A pet is a lifetime commitment

By Gisele Gamble
Animals Best Friends

The shelters are full again, and I am wondering what in the world is wrong with people. During the COVID lockdown people were adopting animals in droves. Now many pets are being surrendered to shelters because people do not have time for the animals they adopted. I am calling BS on this one!

An animal is a lifetime commitment. It is not a car or lawn chair that you just get rid of when you are tired of it. Adopting an animal is like adopting a child. Like I said, “lifetime commitment."

It makes me angry and sad to think of all the poor animals sitting in shelters trying to understand what happened to their homes and families. Animals are family and need to be treated as such.

Before you get a pet, do some research. Think about what pet fits your lifestyle, and think about the time and money it will take to care for that pet. Some of the things to consider:

• Will you have quality time to spend with the pet like walks or playtime in the yard or dog park?

• Are you getting a pet to save a life or for companionship?

• Will you commit to taking care of the pet for its lifetime and not give it up when it suddenly becomes inconvenient?

• Are you capable financially of taking care of a pet?

• Do you have room for the pet? A Saint Bernard does not fit well in an apartment.

Think about the commitment, lifestyle changes, work schedules and expenses of a new pet.

Please remember that dogs and cats are not inanimate objects; they are sentient beings that feel and think as we do. If you are going to get a dog or cat to just leave it outside in the yard and ignore it, don't get a pet!

Do your research before getting a pet and be sure you get a pet that fits your lifestyle. Once you have adopted a pet, work with it. Train it how to be a good family member. Give it a space with a bed so it has a spot of its own. Make it a member of the family and love it unconditionally as it will love you.