Jackson County restaurant inspections – Grain Valley

The Examiner

The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Grain Valley include:  

Sonic Drive-In: 706 N. Main St., inspected June 1. 

• Door gasket torn on the reach-in freezer near the fryer. Correct by July 31. 

• Water buildup next to the ice machine and bags in boxes. Correct by July 31. 

• Food debris underneath food equipment. Corrected on site. 

• Walk-in cooler walls have a brown buildup. Correct by July 31. 

• The vent hood on the flat top grill is broken. Correct by July 31. 

Grain Valley Aquatic Center: 713 S. Main St., inspected June 16. No violations found. 

Valley Speedway Food Service: 348 E. Old U.S. 40, inspected June 21. 

• There is an air gap on the exit door. Correct by Aug. 20. 

• There is a hole in the wall near exit door. Correct by Aug. 20. 

• The floor has a buildup of debris especially underneath the shelving and equipment. Correct by Aug. 20. 

Valley Speedway Candy Land: 348 E. Old U.S. 40, inspected June 21. No violations found. 

Essex of Grain Valley: 401 S.W. Rock Creek Lane, inspected June 2. 

• Failure to secure valid food handler cards for multiple employees. Correct by July 3. 

• Noticed meat thawing out inside the basin in the handwashing sink. Corrected on site. Employee placed the meat in the reach-in cooler. 

• Noticed that utensils in the kitchen around the over were stored with the handles downward. Corrected on site. Employee washed the utensils and placed the handles upright. 

The Pub and Patio: 640 Yennie St., inspected May 3. 

• Noticed a small plastic cup without a handle in the shrimp cocktail sauce. Corrected on site. 

• Noticed that the clean utensils handles were not upright. Employee washed the utensils and turned the handles upright. Corrected on site. 

Comfort Inn: 210 N.W. Jefferson St., inspected June 21. No violations found.