Jackson County restaurant inspections – Blue Springs

The Examiner

The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Blue Springs include the following:  

Sonic Drive-In:  801 N.W. Woods Chapel Road, inspected June 10. 

• Observed food uncovered in the reach-in cooler. Correct by Aug. 9. 

• Observed buildup on the shelving in the walk-in cooler and the tall reach-in cooler. REPEAT. Observed black buildup on the outer rim to the door of the ice machine. Correct by Aug. 9. 

• Accumulation of black buildup and food debris under equipment in the service area and grill area. Dust buildup on vents. REPEAT. Walls behind the dish sink had accumulation of buildup. Correct by Aug. 9. 

Little General Store: 1017 N.W. Woods Chapel Road, inspected June 10. 

• Temperature measuring device was missing in two reach-in coolers. Correct by Aug. 9. 

• Vents in walk-in cooler had buildup on them. Correct by Aug. 9. 

• Observed unused broken equipment and items not used stored in the back room. Items need to be repaired or in use. Items and equipment need to be removed from establishment otherwise. A broken freezer not in use needs to be repaired or removed from establishment. Correct by Aug. 9. 

• Several ceiling tiles had water damage and some were starting to break. Furnace was leaking water on the floor in the back room. Correct by Aug. 9. 

• The lighting is not sufficient in the back storage area to detect spills, pests and broken glass if this were to occur. SECOND REPEAT. RE-INSPECTION REQUIRED. Correct by July 8. 

• No covered trash can in coed crew bathroom. Correct by Aug. 9. 

• Observed black buildup inside the ice machine. CORRECTED. Ice machine was cleaned on site.