Jackson County restaurant inspections – Blue Springs

The Examiner

The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Blue Springs include the following:  

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant: 801 N.E. Coronado Drive, inspected June 14. 

• Noticed a small cup without a handle in the cheese. Corrected on site. Manager removed the cup. 

Rancho Grande Cantina: 501 N.W. Jefferson St., inspected June 14. 

• Cups at the bar were stacked up wet. Corrected on site. Manager removed the cups and let them air dry in the back. 

• Vent fans in the walk-in cooler had a black buildup inside. Corrected on site. Employee cleaned the vents. 

Hy-Vee Bakery: 625 W. U.S. 40, inspected June 15. 

• Floor drains had accumulation of slimy residue and buildup. Vents had accumulations of dust buildup. SECOND REPEAT. Corrected. Venter were cleaned on site. Wall behind dish sink had black buildup. Correct by Aug. 14. 

• Most of the shelving throughout the bakery had accumulation of food debris buildup. Observed buildup on the outside of the flour and spice containers. REPEAT. Correct by Aug. 14. 

• A few cake mix container lids were cracked and broken. CORRECTED. Lids were replaced with alternate coverage. 

Hy-Vee Meat/Seafood/Deli: 625 W. U.S. 40, inspected June 15. 

• Vents in the Seafood/Meat area had accumulation of dust buildup. Floors in the walk-in meat cooler had debris under shelving. REPEAT. CORRECTED. Manager had employee clean. 

• Shelving in the seafood walk-in cooler had accumulation of buildup. Food debris was observed along the track of the display cooler doors in the deli area. Correct by Aug. 14. 

• Observed knives stored along the vent to a display cooler behind the cutting board. CORRECTED. Knives were removed, washed, rinsed and sanitized. 

Fun House Pizza Delivery: 1420 S. Missouri 7, inspected June 15. 

• Observed floors in walk-in cooler and under equipment with food debris and buildup. Vents in walk-in cooler had accumulation of flour and dust. A few ceiling tiles had water spots from leaks. Leaks were repaired. Correct by Aug. 14. 

• Shelving and tops and sides of equipment had accumulation of flour buildup. CORRECTED. Shelving cleaned on site. 

• Observed no date marks on ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in cooler. CORRECTED. All containers were marked with correct date food was prepped and discard date. 

Ohana’s Shave Ice: 660 Missouri 7, inspected June 15. 

• No temperature device located in the reach-in cooler. Correct by Aug. 14. 

• No sanitize test strips. Correct by Aug. 14.