Playful puppy ready for a new home

By Gisele Gamble
Animals Best Friends

Since I started working in animal rescue, I found myself drawn to black dogs. It may have been because black dogs seem to dominate the shelters. People want tan, brown, red, white or cream-colored dogs, and the black dogs seem to be left behind.

Noah, three months old, needs a forever home.

All we have ever had when I was growing up was black dogs. They are wonderful, beautiful, and incredibly sweet. My 15-year-old lab’s pregnant mom was dropped off at the Independence shelter in January 2006. Animals Best Friends took her in, and she had nine gorgeous black puppies. I am so blessed we took Sweet Pea from the litter!

Now Animals Best Friends has a gorgeous little black puppy with a white chest who needs a good home. If my Sweet Pea were not having health problems, I would adopt this baby! This boy’s name is Noah, and he is only three months old.

Noah is your typical puppy who loves to play with squeaky toys and wants his caregiver’s attention. He will need a loving home with parents who will train him and cherish him as a member of their family.

If you are looking for a wonderful puppy to join your family and think that Noah might be a good fit, please go to our website and complete an application. Animals Best Friends does vet checks, home visits, and two-week trials to be sure the animal and family are a good fit. ABF will also always take the animal back if something happens and the family can no longer keep the animal.