Jackson County restaurant inspections – Blue Springs

The Examiner

The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Blue Springs include the following: 

Devine Catering and Events Planning, 4008 S.W. Ninth St., inspected June 29. No violations found. 

Sandy’s Restaurant: 1255 S. Missouri 7, inspected June 30. 

• Observed employee bathroom floors and toilet dirty. REPEAT. 

• Observed no thermometer located in the reach-in cooler near the beverage area. REPEAT. 

• Observed chicken stored above ground beef and lean beef in tall reach-in cooler. CORRECTED. Chicken was moved to bottom shelf.  

• Observed shelled eggs stored above cooked ham in lower reach-in cooler. CORRECTED. Eggs were moved to bottom shelf. 

• Correct violations by Aug. 29. 

Hy-Vee International Sandwich Shop/Caribou Coffee/ Soup Station: 625 W. U.S. 40, inspected June 30. 

• Observed black buildup and accumulation of food debris on reach-in cooler gaskets. 

• Observed food debris in the bottom of the reach-in cooler at the sushi bar. 

• Observed frozen liquid buildup along the ceiling by vents and on the floors under the vents. 

• Observed a few containers of prepped up ready-to-eat foods without date marks. CORRECTED. Correct dates were placed on containers. 

• Correct violations by Aug. 29. 

Hy-Vee Kitchen/Chef Station/Market Grille: 625 W. U.S. 40, inspected June 30. 

• Observed chemical bottles stored next to clean dishes on shelf. CORRECTED. Bottles were moved. 

Snoball Cove: 1812 N.E. Peregrine Cir., inspected July 1. No violations found. 

Custard’s Last Stand: 1950 N.W. Missouri 7, inspected July 2. 

• Missing food handler cards for seven employees. Correct violations by Aug. 1.