Independence man charged in homicide

By The Examiner staff

An Independence man faces murder and drug charges after a killing at his home last week. 

Jackson County prosecutors on Saturday announced charges against Myles T. Blesz, 37. The charges are second-degree murder, which carries a sentence of up to 30 years in prison, as well as armed criminal action (three to 15 years), delivery of a controlled substance (three to 10 years) and unlawful use of a weapon (one to four years). 

Independence police say the fatal shooting happened shortly after 3:30 Wednesday morning in a house on South Huttig Avenue just north of the Fairmount commercial area.  

A neighbor told police she heard an argument or a fight before a shot went off.  

In a bedroom in the house, police found Waylon Williams shot in the head and dead. The person at the home who called police and met them on the porch said it was a suicide attempt. 

Witnesses told police that Blesz, his wife, their three children and another man and another woman drove off before police arrived and that Blesz, at the wheel of a black Kia, had the second man dump two handguns in a wooded area several blocks away at Wilson Road and Arlington. Police later recovered Blesz’s cell phone and the two guns, one of which, a 9 mm Sig Sauer, matched a shell casing found in the room where Williams was shot. 

Later in the day, Blesz spotted police near Huttig and U.S. 24. According to a witness, he told his children he loved them, told his wife to get away and start over, told her that the police would blame him for Williams’ death and then walked up the street to be arrested. Later, in custody and in the presence of police, he told his wife that the shooting was an accident. The murder charge against Blesz says he “knowingly” caused the death. 

In the room where Williams died, police found a wall-mounted vault holding more than 45 grams of methamphetamine, more than 16 grams of marijuana, scales, mini-bongs, glass smoking pipes and hundreds of small baggies. Police called that “consistent with the sale and distribution of narcotics and not personal use.” 

Also in that room, police found a 12-gauge pump shotgun with a pistol-grip, which, along with the meth in the house, led to the weapons charge against Blesz.