Cattle briefly on the loose in Blue Springs – one rounded up, police euthanize two

Mike Genet

Three steers taken to a downtown Blue Springs meat plant escaped to the streets Wednesday, and police euthanized two of them for safety reasons. 

Two steers make their way down a street in Blue Springs Wednesday afternoon. In all, three got loose – one recaptured and two put down by police.

The steers were being taken to Valley Oaks Meats for processing, when they escaped shortly before 12:45 p.m. The meat plant is on 12th Street a block north of Main Street, just east of the railroad tracks.

Police were not able to say how the animals escaped. 

Police said the cattle made their way down Main Street and through residential and business districts. Police and Valley Oaks personnel were able to corral one steer and get it back to a trailer, but another turned aggressive and a third started making its way north along Missouri 7 toward Interstate 70, and police had to shoot them, as officers do not carry tranquilizers. 

In a message to some families, Blue Springs School District said one cow on the field across from the freshman campus on Vesper Street, and next to Thomas Ultican Elementary, had to be euthanized because of “unsafe behavior.” All students were inside the buildings when the cow was shot, the district said. 

“Unfortunately, after exhausting all options, two of the steers had to be euthanized to ensure the safety of residents and property,” police said in a release. “All precautions were taken to ensure these actions were done as safely as possible.”