Independence restaurant inspections

The Examiner

Critical violations involve factors that can directly lead to foodborne illness and must be corrected within 72 hours or as otherwise stated. All critical violations must be corrected within 72 hours (or as otherwise stated on the report). All non-critical violations must be corrected by the next regular inspection (or as otherwise stated on the report). 

Recent city of inspections include: 

Lucky Buffet: 2931 S. Noland Road, inspected Nov. 8. 

• Beef on sushi bar not being held at below 41 degrees. All beef discarded on bar. Corrected Nov. 8. 

• Cabbage found being stored on floor of walk-in cooler. Corrected Nov. 8. 

Pancho’s Burrito: 11407 E. U.S. 24, inspected Nov. 17. 

• Prep table at back door noted not free of dust, dirt, food residue and other debris. 

• Light in hood not working. 

• Physical facilities not cleaned as often as necessary. Heavy buildup found beneath fryers. 

• Onions found stored on floor of dry stock area. 

• Wiping cloths were not used properly. Wiping cloth found on make table. Wiping cloths must be held between uses in a chemical sanitizer solution. 

• Frozen food is noted not properly thawed. Bag of chicken tenders found thawing at room temperature. Tenders were still frozen and placed in cooler to continue thawing. Corrected Nov. 17.  

Twin Peaks: 19821 E. Jackson Drive, inspected Nov. 17. 

• Two employees noted working with nose piercings. Piercings were removed. Future violations will result in tickets being issued to both employee and manager on duty. 

• Cleaning of equipment and utensils: 

1. Interior of microwave and table it sits on found with a spill 

2. Top edge of make cooler doors found sticky. 

3. Interior of mug cooler in top bar found dirty. 

• 42 employees must provide the restaurant with a valid food handler card prior to Dec. 8. Failure to do so will result in removal from the schedule. 

Independence Events Center: 19100 E. Valley View Parkway, inspected Nov. 16. 

• Employee noted wearing facial piercing. Wearing of facial jewelry or jewelry designed to be worn in a pierced tongue is strictly prohibited. This does not apply to jewelry in pierced ears.