Independence restaurant inspections

The Examiner

Critical violations involve factors that can directly lead to foodborne illness and must be corrected within 72 hours or as otherwise stated. All critical violations must be corrected within 72 hours (or as otherwise stated on the report). All non-critical violations must be corrected by the next regular inspection (or as otherwise stated on the report). 

Recent city of Independence inspections include the following: 

Independence Events Center: 19100 E. Valley View Parkway., inspected Nov. 16.  

• Sugar mold found on drop ledge of ice maker. 

• Individual, disposable paper towels noted not at each hand sink. 

Cedarhurst of Blue Springs: 20551 E. Trinity Place, inspected Nov. 15. 

• Manager noted with multiple nose piercings. Instructed her that they must be removed prior to next inspection or tickets will be issued. 

• Orange juice found thawing on county by prep sink. 

• Towel dispenser in ware washing area not functioning. 

• Cleaning of equipment and utensils: 

1. Interior of reach-in cooler found to be dirty. 

2. Counter in dining area found dirty and cluttered. 

3. Table beneath griddles found with food debris. 

• Kitchenware/tableware were contaminated. Plasticware found stored so that the lip contact surface was presented.  

• Physical facilities shall be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean. Floor of dining area found with a large amount of liquid creating a slip hazard. 

• Cell phone found on table near prep area.  

• Table in prep area noted not being kept clean.  

• One manager must transfer their servsafe certificate to an Independence Food Manager card. Five employees must obtain a valid food handler card. 

Wendy’s: 925 W. U.S. 24, inspected Nov. 15.  

• Inadequate cold/hold storage equipment. Make table is not holding a temperature of 41 degrees F or below. All PHF items were removed from table. Manager told to use time as a control. Cooler must be repaired within 72 hours as this has not been rectified since the last inspection. (Repeat.) 

• Sink was used for purpose other than handwashing. 

• Physical facilities not cleaned as often as necessary. 

1. Floor of dry stock found with debris. 

2. Heavy grease buildup found beneath fryers. 

• Inspection report must be posted for easy viewing. Inspection was not displayed. 

• Three managers must obtain an Independence food manager card. 

• Fourteen employees must obtain a valid food handler card by Nov. 30 and provide copy to restaurant or they will be removed from the schedule. Cards must be emailed to the Health Authority by close of business on Nov. 30. Failure to do so will result in fines. 

• No employee on duty with an Independence food manager card. Future violations will result in closure of store.