Jackson County restaurant inspections – Grain Valley, June 20 to July 14

Staff Writer
The Examiner

The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Grain Valley include:

Grain Valley Aquatic Center, 713 S. Main St., inspected June 20. No violations found.

Casey’s General Store, 101 S. Buckner-Tarsney Road, inspected July 2.

• Multiple containers of undated pre-cooked sausage and a container of diced tomatoes were stored in reach-in cooler of pizza make table. This is a repeat violation. Employee was aware of the date each product was prepared and labeled each container. Re-inspection conducted July 2.

• Cleaning bins in the kitchen area have an accumulation of dust. Third repeat violation. Re-inspection conducted July 2. Notice of violation will be issued if violation is not compliant by re-inspection date.

• The pizza make table cooler is in disrepair; water was observed coming from under the cooler on the back side. Correct by Aug. 20.

Lin’s Kitchen, 111 S.W. Eagle Pkwy, inspected June 22.

• The can opener had an excessive buildup of food on the blade. Corrected on site. Employees cleaned and sanitized the blade.

• The rice pot that was not used today and was stored away as a clean dish had stuck-on food debris. Corrected on site. Employees cleaned and sanitized the pot.

• Stuck-on food debris was observed on a clean meat utensil. Corrected on site. Employee cleaned and sanitized a utensil.

• A container of uncovered raw eggs was being stored above an uncovered container of fresh carrots on the make table top shelf. Corrected on site. Employee placed the raw eggs on the bottom shelf.

• Observed a broken scoop used for dry rice. Corrected on site. Employee discarded the broken utensil.

Armstrong Park concession stand, 713 S. Main St., inspected June 25. No violations found.

QuikTrip, 1110 N. Buckner-Tarsney Road, inspected June 26.

• Chemical bottles stored next to clean utensils. Corrected on site. Manager placed the chemical bottle in the designated area.

• Observed a leakage under three-compartment sink. Manager placed a work order in for leaking issues to be repaired. Correct by Aug. 25.

Papa Murphy’s, 1203 Buckner-Tarsney Road, inspected June 29.

• The scoop for the taco seasoning did not have a handle. Corrected on site. Employee discarded the scoop.

Snowie Shaved Ice of KC, 32203 E. Pink Hill Road, inspected July 1. No violations found.

Valley Nutrition, 201 N. Main St., inspected July 1.

• The floor behind the counter has an accumulation of sticky residue. Correct by August 30.

Comfort Inn, 210 N.W. Jefferson St., inspected on July 2. No violations found.

MO Country, 401 E. S. Outer Belt Road, inspected on July 13.

• Observed multiple chemical bottles not labeled. Corrected on site. Manager labeled these bottles.

• Observed a leak under the three-compartment sink in the Crown Bar. Correct by September 11.

• Broken ceiling tiles in the kitchen. Correct by September 11.

Canteen vending in Kohl’s distribution center, 2015 N.E. Jefferson St., inspected on July 14. No violations found.