Former Centerpoint nurse convicted of rape in bench trial

The Examiner staff

A Jackson County judge found an Overland Park, Kansas, man who worked as a nurse at Centerpoint Medical Center guilty of first-degree rape of a patient at the Independence hospital more than two years ago. 

The judge found Chukwuemeka Emmanuel, 37, guilty of rape during a bench trial and will sentence him Jan. 27.  

Emmanuel was charged in June 2019, when he worked at Centerpoint as a float nurse from an agency. According to court documents, the victim had been admitted to the hospital for complications from a prior surgery and had been wearing a catheter. The victim, who had received some narcotics for pain management, told investigators she asked Emmanuel to clean her because the catheter was leaking. That's when Emmanuel sexually assaulted her, she said. 

According to court documents, another nurse at hospital said she was in a relationship with Emmanuel and said he called her two days after the incident from the airport. He told her he was leaving for his native country of Nigeria because he was being accused of rape but that it had been consensual sex. The friend said that he called her claiming to be in Nigeria. Detectives tracked the number Emmanuel had called from to a landline in New York City.