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Academic All-Stars: Looking forward to the law or public service

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The Examiner
Jakob Johnson

Name: Jakob Johnson

High school: William Chrisman

Class rank: 3

Academic honors: National Honor Society, McCoy Award for Academic Excellence

Major extracurricular activities: Speech and debate

Who was your most inspirational teacher and why?

No teacher has inspired me, nor impacted my life, more than Shelia Holt, our speech and debate coach. She constantly seeks to empower her students and puts forth incomparable effort in organizing tournaments and school functions. This past year, she taught me a lot about the importance of maintaining ethics in situations where it may not be the easiest route, and that’s something that will undoubtedly stick with me forever.

What college are you attending and why did you pick that school?

I’ll be attending the University of California-Los Angeles. I chose to attend UCLA because of their world-class economics program and because I admire the significant steps taken by the university to enrich the community and address climate change.

What are your plans after college?

After attaining my undergraduate from UCLA, I plan to study law and eventually either practice as an attorney or become involved in politics.