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Looking to future in computer engineering

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Samuel Griffin

Name: Samuel Griffin

High school: Truman

Class rank: Top 1%

Academic honors: McCoy Award for Academic Excellence, academic letter (3 years), Presidential Academic Award-Gold, George Washington Carver Award (Top 10%), Curator’s Scholarship from UMKC.

Major extracurricular activities: Marching band (four years), symphonic band (three years), varsity soccer (lettered two years).

Who was your most inspirational teacher and why?

Mr. (Andrew) Plaster because he challenged me the most. I wouldn’t have been prepared for upper-level and college classes without him.

What college are you attending and why did you pick that school?

UMKC, because I am receiving the Curator’s Scholarship. I will be pursuing an internship and bachelor’s degree in computer and electrical engineering.

What are your plans after college?

To pursue a career in computer engineering in the Kansas City area.