Academic All-Stars: Headed to Mizzou, with a plan

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The Examiner

Name: Justin House

High school: St. Michael the Archangel Catholic

Class rank: Summa cum laude

Academic honors: National Honor Society, Missouri Scholars, Missouri Boys State, Missouri Bright Flight, MU Chancellor's Award, 33 on the ACT.

Major extracurricular activities: All-conference, all-district and all-state tennis, robotics, choir, theater.

Who was your most inspirational teacher and why?

My most inspirational teacher was my AP calculus and AP computer science principles teacher, Mr. Jack Alsbach. He encouraged my out-of-the-box thinking, supported my tennis achievements and gave me great advice. He really cared about his students, and as a young teacher just out of college, he was a great role model for me.

What college are you attending, and why did you pick that school?

I am going to the University of Missouri-Columbia because it has a program for actuarial science, it has an Honors College, and I have the ability to play tennis there. I attended Missouri Scholars Academy, which was held at Mizzou, and had a great experience there, so MU felt like the right fit for me.

What are your plans after college?

My plans after college are to complete the actuarial exams and become an actuary.