Academics All-Stars: Dreams of a greener tomorrow

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Piper Barnard

Name: Piper Barnard

High school: Grain Valley

Class rank: 1

Academic honors: AP Scholar with Distinction, Missouri 100 Scholars, National Merit Commended, 2019 Horizon Scholar-Stanford University, 2019 Questbridge National College Match Recipient-Yale University, 2019 Questbridge College Prep Scholar.

Major extracurricular activities: Varsity swimming and diving, Color Guard, Marching Band, Grain Valley Green Team.

Who was your most inspirational teacher and why?

Mrs. Leslie Dealy. There are those teachers who ask you about your dreams and truly care about them, will check up on you, have genuine conversation with you for no other reason than that they value you as a human being, and that's her. She truly cares not only about making sure each of her students truly understands APUSH (Advanced Placement United States History) and why Truman was the cutest president ever, but she also cares about her students' lives, how they're doing in the midst of this crazy quarantine. She's one of those teachers who demands respect simply because of the incredible person she is and treats you as.

What college are you attending and why?

I will be attending Yale University. I chose Yale because the community of learners there is unmatched. With some of the brightest and most diverse peers in the world, Yale offers me incredible opportunities to not only further my education, but also work to discover and create my own space in an increasingly complex world.

What are your plans after college?

I'm still undecided at the moment, maybe grad school, maybe non-profit work, but my ultimate goal is to help create and design sustainable systems that allow people to live comfortably while being sustainable. This planet is all we have; it can't hurt to care for it.