Academic All-Star: Gabriel Kribbs

Karl Zinke
The Examiner
Gabe Kribbs

Name: Gabriel Kribbs

High school: Fort Osage High School

Class rank: 2

Academic honors: Salutatorian; McDonalds Ray Kroc Scholarship; A Honor Roll for four years; Bright Flight; Staley public forum debate 2018 eighth place; 2017 RHS public forum debate quarterfinalist; Blue Springs High School 2017 public forum debate fourth Place.

Major extracurricular activities: Marching band, pep band, pit band and Metropolitan Youth Orchestra for three years; speech and debate for freshman and sophomore years; participated as junior and senior in Envirothon and HOSA, and was the team captain of Envirothon.

Who was your most inspirational teacher and why?

My most inspirational teacher was Ms. Thompson. (She) was consistently kind to all her students and helped me through some of my toughest times. She was always forgiving and willing to help me in finding the right career path.

What college are you attending, what do you plan to study, and why did you pick that school?

I’m going to University of Missouri-Kansas City. I plan on majoring in biology and chose UMKC because of its really good biology program, its affordability and its location, as it allows me to commute to classes and save money and stay in the city I love.