Academic All-Star: Luke Petet

By Karl Zinke
The Examiner
Luke Petet

Name: Luke Petet

High school: Blue Springs South

Class rank: Second

Academic honors: Missouri Scholars 100 Recipient; Missouri Scholars Academy in 2019; graduated summa cum laude (4.0 GPA and above); Summit Technology Academy Best Musical Score Capstone Award; National Honor Society.

Major extracurricular activities: Eagle Scout in Troop 42; POC & Allies Club at Blue Springs South; working at Revolution Records and own independent music and production.

Who was your most inspirational teacher and why?

My seventh grade computer science teacher, Andrew Enlow. At the time, he was working at Delta Woods, and we bonded over music. I did not have many meaningful friendships at that time, but we became good friends as he helped expand my knowledge of music. We still talk, and he still inspires me to give my all towards school and in everyday life.

What college are you attending and why did you pick that school?

University of Colorado-Boulder, I am majoring in mathematics, and it is a great math school, and it also has a large connection to nature. It also helps that Townes Van Zandt went there.