Days Gone By: City is abuzz about honey sales, missile display

The Examiner

From The Examiner during the week of Sept. 14-19, 1970:

• “AREA STATIONS THREATEN TO CLOSE UNTIL GAS WAR ENDS” – About 1,300 petroleum retailers in the Greater Kansas City area may close their stations rather than continue operating during the current gasoline price war. Jay Anderson, president of the Mid America Gasoline Dealers Association, said the main objective “would be to get across to the public that this is not our gas war and that we are getting tired of fighting the companies’ war for them.”

“Gasoline prices were stabilized for a one-year period up to October of last year, and since Jan. 1 have been dropping from the normal of 34.9 cents per gallon for regular gas,” he said. “Prices for regular now range from 22.9 to 24.9, and I have seen some posted in the 19-cent range.”

A harvest time ad in The Examiner 50 years ago this month.

• “MINUTEMAN MISSILE ON DISPLAY AT MALL” – The U.S. Air Force “Minuteman” intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) will be on display beginning Wednesday through Sept. 22 at the Blue Ridge Mall, I-70 and U.S. 40 at Blue Ridge Boulevard. It is approximately 60 feet high and can attain a speed of more than 15,000 miles per hour. It is designed to carry a nuclear warhead. 

• AT THE MOVIES – The Hiway 40 Drive-in Theater was showing “The Love Bug,” “The Jungle Book” and “A Time for Giving.” The Twin Drive-in Theater was showing “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” “The Kremlin Letter,” “Birth of Triplets,” “No Greater Sin” and “The Thomas Crown Affair.” The Englewood Theater was showing “Paint Your Wagon.”

From The Independence Examiner during the week of Sept. 13-18, 1920:

• “TO RAISE HALF MILLION” – A campaign to raise one-half million dollars for the purpose of building an auditorium in this city has been planned by the general officers of the Reorganized Latter Day Saints Church. This campaign is to open October 15; it is to last two weeks; and during the two weeks the matter will be worked intensively in every congregation of the Reorganized Church throughout the world. 

The one-half million dollars is named as the minimum amount to be raised at this time. It is believed that it will require that sum to build the auditorium needed by the church for its annual general conference. But this is simply the nucleus of a group of buildings which the church is planning to build in the next few years, the later buildings to be used for general offices or for the various departments of the large and growing work of the church.

• “GRAIN VALLEY” – The Grain Valley band gives free concerts on the street every Tuesday night. … The town board has ordered that all stores except restaurants and drug stores remain closed all day Sunday. … Walter Foster of Mt. Washington, a member of the K.C. Blues, was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Renick last Wednesday night.

• “HONEY CROP IS BIG” – “How doth the little busy bee employ each shining hour” may readily be seen by a glance at the windows of Independence grocery stores, where jars and boxes of honey are on display. White clover honey, considered by many as the finest, sells at 55c a pint, $1.05 a quart, and $2.05 a half-gallon for the strained honey. Another grade of honey comes from the alfalfa blooms and while not ranked at high as other grades still is a very good sweet. Wild bees work chiefly along the wild flowers, blossoms of the linden tree being productive sources. The wild honey has a flavor all its own and some epicures consider it superior to the product of the hives. The honey harvest is unusually large this season, because the bloom has been continuous, uninterrupted by drouth.

– Compiled by Jeff Fox