Truman graduation 2020: ’The courage to continue’

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The Examiner
Truman High School graduate Julian Clardy strikes a pose after receiving his diploma folder during Saturday's commencement ceremony at Children's Mercy Park in Kansas City, Kansas

Truman High School

56th annual commencement

Children’s Mercy Park, Kansas City Kansas

Class size: 368 graduates

Top 1 percent: Zachary Freeman, Samuel Griffin, Marlee Guenther, Kinli Miler, Taylor Schumann

Post-secondary: $476,100 in first-year scholarships.

Class speaker: Lexis Wade

Wade told her classmates that memories of people and moments such as Saturday’s ceremony – outdoors in an unfamiliar place and later than scheduled because of the pandemic – will be what they remember most from high school, not things like stressful classes and cramming for tests.

“I was part of many different crowds at Truman, and because of that I was able to meet so many different people,” Wade said. “With each passing year we grew stronger and became the people we are today. No matter what, we will remember our friends and our teachers that shaped us.

“It was complicated, stressful and tiring, but we survived, and that in itself will help prepare us for the future,” Wade said of the past several months. “We watched our senior year get taken away from us piece by piece. By walking across the stage this year, we are showing that we have the courage to continue.”

– Compiled by Mike Genet