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Police: Man left girlfriend in filthy tub, neglected their two children

By The Examiner staff

Blue Springs police say they found a woman with open sores trapped for days in a bathtub with several inches of urine and feces. Later, they found twin 5-year-old girls – malnourished and showing signs of abuse.

The girls described being locked in a closet for extended periods, and one had splinters in one hand, apparently from trying to claw her way out.

Jackson County prosecutors have charged Bryan T. Snow, 30, of Blue Springs, with two felony counts of first-degree endangering the welfare of a child/creating a substantial risk, as well as a felony count of second-degree domestic assault. Each count carries a potential sentence of up to seven years in prison.

A Blue Springs Police Department probable cause statement forwarded to prosecutors outlines what happened:

Late last Friday afternoon, Central Jackson County Fire Protection District personnel were sent on a “lift assist” call to an apartment on Moreland School Road. A CJC captain said the apartment smelled strongly of urine, feces and “dead body/decaying flesh.”

The crew found the woman, 27, in the bathtub with six inches of urine and feces, and the CJC captain said she had the worst pressure sores he’s seen in 27 years in emergency medical service. One of those sores was described as being the size of a basketball. Later, a doctor said those could have become life-threatening because of the exposure to human waste.

CJC called police. Snow told police that the woman, the mother of their two children, has multiple sclerosis and had been placed in the bathtub two or three days earlier. He said a friend was supposed to be checking on her. He said he worked two days in Kansas City and then came back to the apartment on the third day to check on her.

Snow did not mention the girls, but within two hours police had an indication of them. Snow said he would meet police at a local dollar store so officers could check on their welfare, but officers couldn’t find him or the girls there. 

Around 10 p.m., police went back to the apartment. An officer described the girls as extremely malnourished and one as “skin and bones.” A doctor later attributed one girl’s substantial hair loss to malnutrition. That girl also had patterned burn marks on the insides of her thighs.

The girls were taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital, and police contacted the Children's Division. 

The Children's Division had several contacts with the family last year, and Snow, by agreement, was supposed to have had no contact with them.

The girls told police, CJC personnel and hospital personnel that they were hungry and thirsty. They said they didn’t feel safe around their father, and they said he locked them in the back bedroom when police had come the first time. Snow later admitted to police that he lied about that.

A Children’s Mercy doctor who specializes in forensic child abuse cases said Snow targeted one of the twins. One of them told a Children’s Services worker that Snow made the other girl watch the targeted girl’s mistreatment as punishment. They said both parents would choke them. They are described as not potty trained, and they said they would be punished when they had an accident.

The girls said they were locked in the closet for a “very, very long time,” and one said Snow “tied me up with a rope.” The closet was full of soiled underwear and clothing soaked in urine and feces, and there were scratch marks on the door frame.

The girls said they knew it was a new day when the sun came up or when, the police report says, “Dad brought them a juice and a Hot Pocket.”

Prosecutors have asked that Snow be held on a cash bond of $65,000.