State lawmaker Bill E. Kidd says he was joking about COVID-19 vaccine Facebook post

By Mike Genet
The Examiner
Bill Kidd

Local state lawmaker Bill Kidd insists he was simply joking when – in a reported social medial post made in early July revealing he’d been infected with COVID-19 – he said he had not received the vaccine because of his party affiliation. 

Kidd appears to have recovered, as he participated in a town hall meeting Monday in Independence about rural broadband access.  

“And no, we didn’t get the vaccine. We’re Republicans,” Kidd wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post, according to the publication ProPublica. He followed the last word with a laughing face image meant to convey humor, which Kidd said was all the post was about. 

“It has nothing to do with anything,” an emphatic Kidd (R-Independence) told The Examiner. “It was a joke among friends on my personal Facebook page.”  

Kidd keeps a separate Facebook page for posts related to his activities as a legislator and other statewide matters. He has made no personal mention of the virus on that page. 

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According to ProPublica, Kidd posted again about two weeks after his vaccine post, asking for prayers because he was “having a difficult time with COVID” and “really sick.” In another later post, he wrote he was “doing better” after the virus had “kicked my butt.” 

“I was going to get the vaccine,” Kidd told The Examiner. “But I got COVID before that happened.” 

The state representative, whose 20th District runs from Sugar Creek to northeast Independence to Buckner, was elected in November to a fourth and final term in the Missouri House of Representatives.