COVID in schools update

By The Examiner staff

Area school districts experienced a mixed bag of COVID-19 cases from the second to third week of classes. 

Districts generally update their COVID dashboards on Friday, though the information varies in volume and depth. 

The Blue Springs School District reported 79 new cases (four from school spread) and 155 new quarantines for exposure in the third week. The 79 new cases represent 0.49 percent of the student and staff population of more than 16,000, and the 155 quarantines represent 0.96 percent of that population. The district’s third-week numbers come after jumping from 12 to 72 new cases and 22 and 136 new quarantines in the first to second weeks.  

The new cases include 12 at Cordill-Mason Elementary (20 in two weeks), eight at Moreland Ridge Middle School (20 in two weeks) and 15 at the high schools (32 in two weeks).  

Independence reported 36 active cases in the third week after 47 and then 54 in the first two weeks. The district does not list new numbers by the week or numbers for exposure quarantines. 

The third-week number is 0.22 percent of the district's population of just more than 16,000 staff and students. There was one early education case, as well as 21 in the elementary schools, two in the middle schools and seven in the high schools. The highest one-school total was five at William Chrisman High School. 

The Grain Valley School District reported new 14 cases and 39 quarantines among more than 5,500 students in third week, after 23 new cases and 72 quarantines over the first two weeks. Among the staff, there were three new cases for third straight week, with five quarantines after 12 over the first two weeks. 

The Fort Osage School District reported 30 active cases and 31 quarantines through the third week – each just more than 0.5 percent of the 5,554 student and staff population. The high school accounts for 10 cases and 11 quarantines. A week earlier the district had 27 active cases and 17 quarantines.