Spray-painted Harry Truman mural on the Independence Square

Mike Genet

A renowned graffiti artist and muralist completed a large spray-painted mural of President Truman on the Independence Square this week. 

There's a new Harry Truman mural on the Independence Square.

The commissioned mural, painted by the artist ARCY, is on the north side of the building housing Austin Conley's insurance business at 206 N. Liberty St. It depicts Truman with his head resting on his hand, along with his famous line, “The buck stops here.” 

Conley and his wife got a grant and commissioned ARCY for the mural after the artist did a Truman mural mounted in 3 Trails Brewing on the Square. ARCY has completed paintings and full-wall murals across the country and in places in Europe and often hides a small image of Mickey Mouse's head in his murals – not obvious from afar. 

In the early 1900s, 206 N. Liberty St. housed a savings-and-loan business that Truman briefly managed. Conley said he let ARCY decide which Truman image to use, and the artist said he found a black-and-white image of the chosen pose. ARCY sketches his murals first before pulling out the various spray paint colors.  

“I saw that image and fell in love with it,” he said. “I had to imagine the color.”