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Grain Valley says no to civic center, elects new mayor

The Examiner staff

Grain Valley voters on Tuesday said no to plans for a new civic center with a community center, police building and new City Hall.

Also, voters elected former Alderman Chuck Johnston as mayor, turning out incumbent Mike Todd. The vote was 873 for Johnston, 710 for Todd and 220 for Jeff A. Craney.

Rick Knox, with 259 votes, was elected over Joey Lee Burgett, with 105, to a Ward 2 seat on the Board of Alderman. Jayci Stratton in Ward 1 and Bob Headley in Ward 3, both unopposed, were re-elected.

The civic center on 60 acres at Buckner-Tarsney Road and Sni-a-Bar Road on the south side of town has been on City Hall’s do-list for years. It would have brought new amenities for residents, and moving City Hall would have meant more space for local government in a rapidly growing city as well as opening up the high-profile space at 711 Main Street for commercial development.

The bonds to pay for the work would not have increased taxes.

Voters on Tuesday had two questions to decide and said no to both:

• Question 1 was for $23.5 million in bonds to pay for the new buildings. That vote was 1,188 yes and 660 no – a no-vote of 64.3 percent.

• Question 2 was for $15.35 million for streets, electric and water service and similar work as the site. That vote was 1,130 (61.3 percent) to 713.