County to delay sales of land with delinquent taxes because of virus

The Examiner staff

Jackson County has postponed next month’s delinquent land tax sales due to the ongoing COVID-19 threat.

David Bryn, presiding judge of the 16th Circuit Court, granted the county’s motion to delay on Wednesday, saying it would be “extremely difficult or impossible to proceed” with the sale and still comply with public health precautions in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the county said in a release.

The county holds two delinquent tax sales every year at the Eastern Jackson County Courthouse in Independence and the Downtown Courthouse in Kansas City. As of Thursday, more than 1,000 properties had been set for the tax sale next month. Properties with three years of delinquent taxes face a foreclosure sale to recover unpaid taxes and assessments.

In the release, County Executive Frank White and Director of Collection Whitney Miller said the postponement will help those who have struggled to pay taxes because of the pandemic.

“No one should fear losing their home during a global health pandemic,” White said.

Those delinquent tax sales had been set for Aug. 10 and Aug. 17, respectively. They will be postponed until a court order to proceed. Taxpayers affected by the delays will receive notice of the change via regular mail or can find additional information at