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An idea to honor those who came before

Christine Rinck, Independence

To the editor:

With all the disputes over the Andrew Jackson statue, I wonder if it wouldn’t be appropriate to replace it with a statue of an Independence freeman, Hiram Young, an African American. His business built between 800 and 900 freight wagons a year and 50,000 ox yokes. He was one of the most successful businessmen in Independence between 1851 and 1860.

Media scare tactics cost us dearly

Don McNulty, Blue Springs

To the editor:

Everyone is complaining about the COVID virus, and I guess I’m another voice, but I believe I’m the voice of reason here. I know you’re part of the media, but it is our officials and our media I’m taking issue with.

In a recent news story, you reported Missouri had seen a spike in cases, a full 450 new one-day infections. Also, there were 2,785 new cases in Florida. A friend who lives in Florida sent me a snapshot of the front page of a Florida paper. I wrote back and said, “Wow, that’s a scary number until you put it into perspective.”

So let’s do the math, 2,785 new cases / 23 million in population = 0.00012109%. Let’s look at the Missouri number, 450 / 5.6 million = 0.00008036%. Blood sells, doesn’t it? But seriously, I’m trying to figure out everyone’s motive, including yours, by purposely reporting the news in such a way that does psychological harm, financial harm and social harm to the United States and specifically to the state of Missouri.

Here’s my other gripe. The sequester “stay in place order” was launched to flatten the curve. Stay with me here; I don’t want to lose you on my logic. We were told the reasoning for flattening the curve was so the hospitals and medical staff wouldn’t be overwhelmed.” Then about the third week into the shutdown, the officials and the complacent media changed the story; you changed the goal as to what we were doing.

Now the new mantra is “We are trying to save lives here!” Saving lives by shutting down the whole economy, work, and worship is not anyone’s job. You cannot legislate a virus away, and anyone who is dumb enough to believe that needs go elsewhere.

No one, not you, no health official and indeed no politician can say that the EXTREMELY LOW numbers we are now experiencing are not the bottom.

Are you all trying to reach zero cases? Great goal, and I would say shoot for the stars, and you might hit the moon. But not at my expense, please!

The only reason this is news is by fiat, the way the politicians and bureaucracy want it reported. Otherwise, 1/1000 of 1% wouldn’t sell crap and it would cause most of the population to question what’s really going on. There are other ways to report news that remove bias and don’t spark undue fear in the hearts and minds of your neighbors and mine.