Examiner readers sound off on Trump, Independence pit bull ban

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What have we learned during the last four years?

Jim Hannah, Independence

To the editor:

When the Trump presidential library is built, what displays will characterize his presidency? A wall? A Twitter symbol? A MAGA campaign cap? Golf clubs?

It’s interesting to speculate. My thoughts go to a No One Man room, where the following would be displayed:

• No one man should have the power to launch nuclear weapons, which the president could do today – without consulting Congress, or even the secretary of defense.

• No one man should be authorized to use military force without congressional approval, as set forth in the U.S. Constitution.

• No one man should fatally politicize a pandemic, offering medical advice and optimistic forecasts at odds with reputable physicians and scientists.

• No one man should unilaterally pardon or commute the sentences of convicted criminals who advance his personal ambitions.

• And, most importantly, no one man should be above the law.

If these outcomes of the Trump Effect were to be enshrined in the library bearing his name, I would consider the chaos of the last four years a worthwhile learning moment that reminds our nation who we aspire to be.

Independence should end its harmful ban on pit bulls

K. Burns, Independence

To the editor:

The City Council in independence has an opportunity in the coming weeks to repeal its cruel and misguided ban on pit bull dogs. This ineffective ban unfairly targets innocent dogs based solely on their breed and alienates responsible, dog-owning community members.

Every dog has its own personality and history, and breed does not dictate the likelihood of aggression. There is also no evidence that breed-specific bans make people safer. In fact, organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Bar Association have all determined that breed-specific legislation is ineffective and oppose it.

Responsible pit bull lovers may be forced to hide their beloved pets for fear that their dog might be seized and euthanized, and sometimes owners may forgo exercise, visits to the vet and licensing of their pets in order to keep them. Meanwhile, shelters are sometimes forced to euthanize sweet, loving dogs simply because of their breed. Independence already has dangerous and vicious dogs ordinances that cover all breeds, so banning pit bull dog breeds on top of those ordinances is harmful and unnecessary.

Our pit bull ban is failing to make our community any safer. Join me in asking the Independence City Council to repeal this ban. By having the City Council end this rule rather than acting through a costly ballot measure, not only will we be saving our money and time but also sweet dogs in need of good homes.

Trump has delivered on what he promised

Roland Sneed, Blue Springs

To the editor:

In reference letter to the editor, “President Trump offers very little to the office” (The Examiner, July 18), submitted by Sam Osborne.

It seems that Mr. Osborne is more interested in a stiff upper lip British Lawyer or a no-experience-except-for-talking President Obama than a man who knows business and has been very successful in it. I graduated with honors in business and economics, and I couldn’t wait to see a man like Trump become president. No, President Trump is not a typical bureaucrat who knows how to lie well and made a fortune from being a congressman or senator. Trump had already made a fortune using his business acuity.

Trump isn’t a proper speaking English teacher, but he speaks his mind and accomplishes what we elected him to do. My friends and I were tired of politicians who knew nothing about what the average American was looking for.

What has Trump accomplished? One of my cousins with his finger on political happenings made a list of items a page long. There is no room to post it here, but I will say one thing: Trump has accomplished what we expected him to do and most of my friends and family will vote for him again.

Voters, rise up and stop this president

Judy Wanager, Oak Grove

To the editor:

The president of the United States is now demanding that schools open up! No, it’s not going to happen as long as the pandemic is raging. I would like to think these school districts and school boards are smarter than putting the students, teachers and staff at a much higher risk. A teacher has already died from the virus in another state.

We have seen how “this president” of the United States works and how dangerous this man can be. Oh it could get worse, folks. I believe most people already know the story about this man, and I won’t spend time going into details.

I hope voters get out and vote. Especially those of us who disagree with the president and the things he does and nasty things he says to weaken our democracy and our freedom that our military men fought for the lack of respect he’s given our military and for the way he treated the late Sen. John McCain. Remember these things, voters.

The voters in this country are strong, and by casting our votes hopefully will teach this president and staff and the world a thing or two or three! We will not be dictated to.

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