Examiner readers sound off on elections

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Yes on Amendment 2 means better lives in Missouri

Laura Dominik, Independence

To the editor:

If you could do one simple thing to create thousands of new jobs in Missouri, free up state resources to invest in education and transportation, and boost the economy by billions of dollars, would you do it? That one simple thing you can do is to vote yes on Amendment 2.

It has been proven that peoples’ quality of life increases when they have access to affordable health care, and as the saying goes, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

So if we can help improve the quality of life for 200,000-plus Missourians by getting them access to Medicaid, we can improve our lives as well. I hope you believe, like I do, that it is our moral obligation to vote YES on Amendment 2.

America owes John Lewis another honor

Charles Payne, Lee’s Summit

To the editor:

Watching John Lewis’ body being driven across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in a horse-drawn carriage put a lump in my throat. The bridge is named after a member of the KKK. If ever there was a bridge that needs to be renamed this is it. This from a man born in Jackson, Mississippi.

Many good reasons to expand Medicaid

Marvin Sands, Independence

To the editor:

Coming up on the Aug. 4 election is one of the most important issues to ever face the Missouri electorate. Appearing on the ballot is an issue known as Amendment 2. It is more commonly known as Medicaid expansion.

This issue is so important for so many reasons. First, if not foremost, this issue will provide health care to 300,000 Missourians who currently do not have access to medical treatment. Our legislators in Jefferson City have not been able to deliver necessary medical treatment to our neediest citizens for, at least, the last decade. An absolute shame.

Here are some solid reasons for expanding Medicaid:

• More than $1 billion would be brought into our state through the Affordable Care Act every year.

• It is estimated that these jobs would add to the state’s tax base, which would produce needed revenue.

• Many of these jobs would be in rural Missouri, where several hospitals were closed and now could be reopened.

• Having access to medical care for Missouri’s poorest families means less medical debt, fewer bankruptcies and evictions and more income that can be spent on other goods and services.

• The federal government would pick up 90% of the cost of adding people to MO HealthNet.

In addition, having Medicaid expansion would free up funds for other priorities like education and public safety. And the program would provide a mechanism for early stage cancer diagnoses.

On Aug. 4, vote for Amendment 2 to expand medical coverage for Missouri’s neediest families and help our state to become the 38th state to do so.