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Letter: Trump – one broken promise after another

Staff Writer
The Examiner

Patty Willis, Independence

Denise Alexander, Independence

To the editor:

In reference to the letter “Trump has delivered on what he promised” (The Examiner, July 28), by Roland Sneed:

Mr. Sneed claims Trump has delivered on his promises but he did not list one single kept promise, claiming there were too many to list.

After researching (PolitiFact) we found the following Trump promises not fulfilled:

• USA would invest $550 billion in infrastructure and would create an infrastructure fund -- not done.

• Repeal Obamacare – not done and no GOP health plan ever presented.

• Build a wall that Mexico will pay for – not happened.

• Bring back USA manufacturing – no improvement shown.

• Eliminate federal debt – debt has steadily increased, not decreased.

• Would grow the economy by 4% a year – economic growth has ranged from only 1.9% to 2.9% in each year of his presidency.

• Guaranteed American workers a six-week paid leave – not happened. Only federal workers get substantial personal leave.

• Eliminate gun-free zones at schools – did not happen.

• End birthright citizenship – did not happen.

• Drain the swamp? LOL! Trump has over 40 connected lobbyists thriving and making money under his administration. Not to mention his outrageous appointees such as Scott Pruitt (EPA, resigned) and inept secretary of education, Betsy DeVos.

• Trump’s faltering response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It should be noted that Mr. Trump has a majority in the U.S. Senate and is still unable to fulfill these overblown promises.

So what promises did Trump deliver on?

• He widened the gap between working Americans and the wealthy.

• Wages have not kept up with inflation.

• Health care is more expensive.

• Greater threats to Social Security and Medicare.

• The USA has lost the respect of our foreign allies, while he cozies up to dictators.

• His divisive rhetoric continues to RIP the country apart.

As for Trump’s business acuity? After being given millions from his father and despite the fact that Dad silently funded many of Donald’s Manhattan developments, Donald still managed to declare business bankruptcies six times.

Failed business ventures: Taj Mahal New Jersey, Trump University (defrauded customers), Trump Airlines, Trump Mortgage, dubious ventures that made him wealthier while conning hard-working people. All were debacles, leaving stiffed vendors, underpaid workers (many illegals), disappointed customers, investors, and confusion for all involved.

Trump’s businesses use methods which are “legally dubious” to avoid paying taxes, and Trump’s own lawyers describe these activities as improper. No wonder he won’t release his taxes!

The perception Trump has managed to create around himself is vastly at odds with the cold realities of his track record.

The definition of a demagogue describes Trump perfectly: a leader who gains power and popularity in a democracy by arousing the emotions, prejudices, passions and ignorance of the people. Regardless of your political affiliation, vote this demagogue out of office. Don’t let this man ruin our democracy.