Letter: Missouri needs a more responsible governor

Staff Writer
The Examiner

Ellen Wentz, Kirkwood, Mo.

To the editor:

As our next governor, Nicole Galloway will make the mature decisions needed to keep our kids and grandparents safe. When professional sports teams saw players who’d recovered from coronavirus having heart problems, they decided to keep their players safe by calling off the season. Nicole understands these dangers and feels we need to get this pandemic under control before we open our schools. On the other hand, Governor Parson – from Bolivar, which only has one elementary, one intermediate, one middle and one high school – wants all of our state schools open. It’s sad he wants our Missouri kids to be test monkeys. He thinks we should just throw them all together in school and see what happens when they get infected with coronavirus and share it with granny and grandad. Just ask Georgia how that’s working out for them!

Nicole Galloway understands what it takes to keep the citizens of Missouri safe. Join me on Nov. 3 in voting Nicole Galloway for governor. The healthy future of Missouri depends on it!