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Letter: Mayor’s help made a big difference

The Examiner

Don Bauer, Independence

To the editor:

Mayor Don Reimal certainly left a big footprint on Independence, leading the city he loved with the dedication of the Independence Events Center (Cable Dahmer Arena), rehabbing the Chicago & Alton Depot, the Little Blue Parkway and many more big footprints.

However, he never forgot the little businessman. And I would like to thank him for that. Without his assistance, A Little Bar-B-Que Joint on U.S. 24 would never have opened.

I first met Don Reimal mid-year 2012. My son, Fabian Bauer, and I were in the process of opening A Little Bar-B-Que Joint, but we were at our wits end trying to understand all the ordinances and permits required to open a business. My wife, Bonnie Bauer, stopped in at Scandinavia Place on the Square and was speaking to Nina Anders, owner, about the situation. Nina’s husband, former House Representative Ira Anders, overheard the conversation and offered to look into it.

The next morning, I saw Mayor Reimal and Ira Anders coming into the unfinished building and I thought, “My Lord, what have I done now!” Turns out, they were there to help. So I spilled my guts to them! No promises were made. However, the next morning, I got a call from City Hall and met with the city manager and from that meeting we started understanding the process and most importantly getting permits as we needed them to complete the construction.

On opening day of the restaurant, April 11, 2013, when Mayor Don Reimal was at a conference on the West Coast, we received a letter of encouragement from him and wishing us success in this new endeavor. I read it aloud to those attending the ribbon cutting and there was applause.

Needless to say, that my son, Fabian, and I are deeply appreciative for what Mayor Reimal and former Representative Ira Anders did for us. We will be forever indebted to them.

Rest in peace, Don. Your leadership and commitment will long be remembered.