Letter: This president has disgraced America and must go

The Examiner

Charles Payne, Lee’s Summit

To the editor:

I am trying to process how in the world a totally illegitimate president can metamorphose himself into being a legitimate candidate and, worse than that, how he has support among supposedly intelligent human voters.

The facts are fully public that he does not care about polluting the air and water, much less hastening climate change by releasing more methane. He has made criminal-level appointments while ignoring blatant conflicts of interest and a severe lack of competence. He is a documented serial liar who shows continuing ineptitude in working within our government and working for all of the people. He is deep in his own swamp.

The shining beacon of freedom represented by the USA is down to an old 60-watt bulb burning in a dank basement somewhere. But the bright light of unscrupulous capitalism shines for the upper castes he approves of. He he must be soundly defeated so this country can regain some leadership on the world stage. We absolutely cannot have a president who has the support of the KKK, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, the NRA and religious oppressors re-elected to be the leader of this country.