Letter: Republicans in Congress have shown no backbone

The Examiner

Judy Wanager, Oak Grove

To the editor:

The president of the United States of America has said the election is rigged if he doesn’t win! This is nonsense, and most people know it.

The Grand Old Party has tolerated this man and has gone along with his beliefs, but do they really believe it’s right to separate children and babies from their parents and leave them in pens on the southern border? Are the Republican congressmen and women for a president who let a robust economy go by the wayside because this president did not address the COVID virus, resulting in so many sick and the high death count and him saying the virus will magically disappear?

Are they for a president who has never come forward with a health plan for all the people? Are they for a president whose lack of action resulted in workers losing their jobs plus health care and people lined up in cars waiting to receive food for their families?

This president says bad things about women, but we haven’t heard anyone in the Republican Congress disagreeing. I say “shame on them.” These Republicans might pay by losing their next election to Congress. I do respect those in the GOP who have walked away from this current administration’s politics from the dark side.

We dedicated voters also will vote out this current Missouri government, and I say “All the way, Galloway!”