Letter: Voters, let’s stand up for the rule of law

The Examiner

Marvin Sands, Independence

To the editor: 

What a Labor Day!!

First comes word that the Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was asking employees at the company he ran to make campaign contributions to the Republican Party. Then he told them that he would reimburse them by giving them bonuses. All of this is illegal of course.

Next up we learn Donald Trump is using campaign contributions to pay his legal fees. All this is illegal as well.

And just a few days ago Donald Trump was asking voters in North Carolina to attempt to vote twice – first by using a mail-in ballot and second to go directly to their polling place and attempt to vote again on Election Day. This also is illegal.

Keep in mind the laws of our country were made for everyone else – but not Donald Trump – to obey. And so he doesn’t.

Yes, Monday was Labor Day, which was set aside to benefit all the labor workers across our nation who spend hours and hours of their precious time working for their families and trying to make our country the best it can be.

And while our labor workers are doing their best to benefit their families and our country, we have these two jerks doing just the opposite and breaking various laws and as many as they think they can get away with to benefit themselves.

In less than 60 days the most important election of our lifetime is just ahead and will determine the direction of our country. Will we remain a democratic republic with a constitution and the rule of law, or will we see a country turned upside down with a wannabe despot turning himself into an autocratic ruler?

That is the decision the voters of our country will be making. Let’s hope they make the right decision, and then let’s hope the wannaby despot gives up his post in a favorable manner and not attempt to use myriad excuses to cling to power and rule over his new subjects.