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Letter: What’s really behind protests against the police?

The Examiner

Doris M. Thompson, Buckner

To the editor:

I’ve lived long enough to have seen a number of battles for causes and the results that ensue. Some causes were worthy and good and the others only a ruse to justify vandalism and destruction, division and greed.

From this I have learned that, all too often, situations are created by an unknown or outside entity in order to manipulate the desired results. Protests that are taking place in many of our cities on behalf of Black Americans, against our police departments, violation of our rights and the poor-me syndrome are but a few examples.

All I can see this doing is conquering the Kansas City Police Department for local control and providing less protection for the people, from fewer police officers and expecting to do it with less funding. While there have been isolated problems, breaking down a working structure to enable those manipulators to conquer more power is not the solution. It sends up red flags for me and makes me wonder what it is they are really after.

The bottom line is usually money. Surely local control doesn’t think they would be able to access the Kansas City Police Pension Fund and not have to disclose it.

Perhaps we should ask the St. Louis Police Department how moving to local control has not worked for them and why they are trying to re-establish state control.