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Letter: County had the party, taxpayers got the bill

The Examiner

Richard Thompson, Buckner

To the editor:

The taxpayers of Jackson County will again receive a pothole for Christmas, thanks to Sheriff Darryl Forte. Evidently the road and bridge fund paid for the Sheriff’s Department Christmas Party.

Perhaps Forte thought this was legal since his predecessor, Mike Sharp, who resigned because of certain issues, had already set the precedent by using road and bridge funds for his department Christmas Party.

Although Sheriff Forte saved county money by only spending $3,582 for his Christmas party, while former Sheriff Mike Sharp spent $5,487, bottom line is party money taken from the road and bridge fund cannot fix potholes.

The next pothole you hit or have to swerve to miss is probably the one that didn’t get repaired because the money to fix it went to a party.

If you want to check my facts and figures, read the article, “State auditor criticizes spending” in the Sept. 25 Examiner.

State auditor criticizes Jackson County spending