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Letter: Bureaucrats are overreacting to COVID-19

The Examiner

Don McNulty, Independence

To the editor:

Here we are in early October and other than being closer to a vaccine we haven’t seen much change in the bureaucratic mindset. Mayors in our largest cities are threatening another lockdown as their infection rates climb. As usual the bureaucrats blame it on the populous not wearing masks or social distancing.

I happen to be fortunate enough to have friends and business contacts in almost every state. I’ve written and called many of them over the last several weeks, and they all report in areas of high population everyone is doing their best to comply with mask mandates.

Bureaucrats and others need to think back to the beginning when we were told any masks less than an N95 or greater don’t really work. Then we were told after some quick testing we were informed to wear any kind of a mask as it will retard the spread of infectious droplets, which is the main transmission. The word retard or reduce does not mean inhibit yet I continually hear bureaucrats, reports, even the health department officials use “inhibit.”

A mask as described will not stop any virus. At best it will retard or reduce some infections.

We need people scared so they will continue to do what we want. Pathetic, isn’t it? Yet, I can’t help but think there are many other bureaucrats who feel that way. The death rate of the infected stands at 1.3 per 100,000. Taken against the entire population of the United States it’s 0.06% of 1% in population.

By the way, I am over 70 years old and survived Covid, as most do.