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Letter: Amendment 3 is full of politicians’ deceptions

The Examiner

Sue Shineman

Missouri state president, American Association of University Women

To the editor:

Just two years ago, Missourians made their voices heard in favor of transparency, ethics and accountability in government by overwhelmingly supporting Clean Missouri.

Clean Missouri called to reduce the power of special interests and ensure redistricting is done in a fair, nonpartisan way to eliminate gerrymandering and allow all Missourians a true choice in who represents them in Jefferson City.

Unfortunately, politicians don’t like the idea of fair legislative maps and have placed Amendment 3 on the ballot to overturn the vote of 62% of the people. Amendment 3 is intentionally deceptive. It is presented as ethics reform, but it only reduces the lobbyist gift limit by $5 and state Senate campaign contribution limits by $100.

If Amendment 3 passes, it opens the door to extreme gerrymandering and would allow politicians to manipulate district boundaries that would dilute the impact of votes in those gerrymandered districts composed of mostly minority voters. It also eliminates the transparency established in the process by Clean Missouri, shutting the people out of the process and weakening minority representation. This is a form of racial injustice.

I am asking you to help protect fair maps, transparency and democracy in Missouri. It is important that we stand together as we did in 2018 and defeat this attempt to trick and deceive voters at the polls in November. All votes must carry the same impact regardless of what district you reside in or what political party you belong to.

Vote No on 3!