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Letter: We the people must vote for a better America

The Examiner

Judy Wanager, Oak Grove

To the editor:

We the people have a president who does not work for all the people.

We must all get out and vote to ensure all the people are treated fairly. We must protect health care for all. We must protect Medicare and Medicaid. We must protect Social Security and pensions. We must protect our environment. We must protect the workers in all their careers whether it be a union worker or fast-food worker. We must raise the minimum wage. We must protect all our rights.

I am shocked and saddened by the fact the Republicans in our state and in the United State Congress are not protecting we the people, by letting the president of the United States slowly strip away the rights of the people. They should be voicing their disgust by standing with their backs to the president.

We the people, who are strong voters, will not allow our great country to be turned over to a dictatorship, and we must stop this obvious peril we are facing.

We are still waiting for the United States Congress to Act.