Letter: Don’t be deceived – vote no on Amendment 3

The Examiner

Marvin Sands, Independence

To the editor:

The presidential election is just days away and coming up on Nov. 3, 2020. Also coming up on that same ballot is one of Missouri’s most important issues – Clean Missouri. This issue appears on the ballot as Amendment 3, and it is the intent of our not-so-good friends in Jefferson City to overturn the will of the people that voted for this issue in 2018.

In the August 2018 midyear election the voters of Missouri passed the Clean Missouri issue by a 62% majority, sending a clear signal to the distractors in Jefferson City how the people wanted things done regarding the drawing of legislative boundaries in our state. But our know-it-all, not-so-good friends in Jefferson City just haven’t learned a basic fact about representative government – that the people have the last word.

The basic purpose of Clean Missouri is to have legislative boundaries drawn as evenly as possible, giving all districts and those who represent them a fairer shake in the democratic process. The various districts would be drawn by a non-partisan demographer who would oversee that fairness.

So what have these tyrants done this time around? On Amendment 3, the initial comments on the ballot indicate that lobbyist gifts will be lowered. What it doesn’t tell you is that it only lowers the amount by $5 and lowers campaign contributions for Senate candidates by $100. It is very deceptive.

It is also insidious in that hidden in the fine print of the legislation is a drastic change as to whom will be counted among our population. Our not-so-good friends only want eligible voters to be counted – not the total population. This is truly insane.

Don’t be misled by the initial wording on the ballot. Read the entire language and then vote NO on Amendment 3. Missouri citizens want fair and evenly drawn legislative boundaries – not those who favor selfish and self-serving politicians in Jefferson City.