Letter: Defunding the police isn’t the answer

The Examiner

Vari Patel, Blue Springs

To the editor:

Defunding the police harms the stability of disadvantaged communities. The amount of emergency response these minority communities need is unmeasurable. When we defund the police, security these minority neighborhoods receive would drastically spiral downward because all the policing will be devoted in prioritizing rich neighborhoods. The amount of criminal activity we see would increase in minority neighborhoods. After all, if there is no security, these criminals pretty much have free reign. Even though minority communities are dissatisfied with police forces, they still want policing because it’s necessary for protection against violent crime.

Change is wanted in the policing force. The past several of months people have taken their words to the streets. Riots and mobs have formed, chanting, “Defund the police? Defund the police?” People want their justice. They want their equality.

So, what’s the solution, they may ask? Police aren’t inherently bad people. They have been trained wrong. We need to hold police accountable by putting measures on them such as ending qualified immunity and prosecuting officers to the extent of the law. They don’t deserve special treatment, and they won’t get any. But defunding the police? Takes measures too extreme.