Letter: Mask up, keep your distance – and go vote

The Examiner

Ashley Cooper, Lee’s Summit

To the editor:

Imagine you buy a lottery ticket and win $1 million. But because of COVID, your ticket is mailed in instead of personally cashing it in. You’re probably thinking something like “no way!” That’s because anything could happen to it in the mail: It could get lost, stolen or even thrown out. Of course, there’s a chance you get your money exactly like you’re supposed to, but is that risk worth taking?

The possibility of not getting your money makes you adamant about doing it in person. The exact same thing applies for the 2020 election.

Like your lottery ticket, anything can happen to your vote. If you don’t trust the mail system with your lottery ticket, why would your ballot be any different?

Our votes are what decide our country’s leader, which is equally as important as any lottery ticket.

In-person voting should be used, especially since our country is so divided. People will go to great lengths to get a candidate in office, including discarding ballots, which is easier now with your party written on the envelope. That would be like mailing in your lottery ticket with “Million dollar winner” written on it.

The best option is in-person voting using masks and social distancing, with exceptions for those who need them.