Letter: A sad conclusion to a sad chapter

The Examiner

Charles Payne, Lee’s Summit

To the editor:

Perhaps it only underscores basic human frailty that we have so many words to describe ineptitude. I can easily think of thousands of ways to portray our joyless leader, but I am tired of it.

In the beginning I thought anyone with a modicum of historical knowledge placed at the top of the heap in Washington would come around and face the reality of the position. It did not happen and perhaps, given what we know about DNA and evolution, it could not happen. The incumbent, silly but dangerous duck has consistently fumbled the ball right in front of our national goals with a regularity that cries out for him to be removed for ineptitude and unsportsmanlike conduct. It is still happening.

Imagine a government built on lies, bold-face corruption and cheating voted out by the majority and still trying to save their rotting bacon. Has fixing voting outcomes in the South gone south? The same people (enablers) are openly engaged in Southern-style fascism. They are not looking to preserve the integrity of our elections. They are actively trying to undermine democracy, and many of them have been doing it for over 40 years.

I can only say that the “Saturday Night Live” folks should have a wake for the outgoing administration in that a rich source of satirical material is drawing to a close.