Letter: The Examiner is a socialist rag

Jeff Fox
The Examiner

Don M. McNulty, Blue Springs

To the editor:

What a completely inappropriate article from the Dec. 15 paper (opinion page, column by John M. Crisp, “An ugly batch of rushed executions”).

I used to be proud of this hometown paper. You and the Gannett agenda have fallen from true journalism of reporting the news of the day to propaganda of the socialist. No wonder it’s going under as you do not serve the public. 

Defending criminals who deserve to die for their heinous crimes against innocent people. Any person can learn to live in a small cell. Not well I’m sure but can given the circumstances become content. Why should we continue to pay for their living. They eat, keep warm or cool depending on the season, free medical and dental care when needed. Yet, we have people such as Crisp who ask not those most affected by their crimes but assume a moral high ground to pontificate his political views that are complete outliers to a civil society. And your paper publishes such baloney.

So, I’ve grown very weary of this paper and don’t wish to support your socialist propaganda any longer. I’ll look forward to your final demise down the road. The Examiner died a few years back. I guess no one told you to lie down once you’re dead.

Thank God everyday Trump saved your sorry ass with a vaccine that would have taken years to see the light of day with anyone else in office.