An assault on our democratic republic

The Examiner

Marvin Sands, Independence

To the editor:

The 2020 presidential election has come and gone. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris were decisively elected by the American people to become the next president and vice president of the United States of America.

Their Electoral College votes were 306 for Joe Biden to 232 for President Donald Trump – a decisive margin. In 2016 Trump received the same 306 electoral votes and called that a “landslide victory.”

Our nation’s Founding Fathers created the Electoral College process in an effort to create as much as possible a balanced method for electing our chief executive. The Electoral College is made up of 538 electors from the various states and the District of Columbia.

Since the time the election was over Donald Trump has been on a constant rampage suggesting that several states’ elections were held illegally and were awash in voter fraud. So far that has not been proven even though the Supreme Court ruled against several states’ attorneys general attempt to overturn the election. The Supreme Court vote was 9-0.

And now we have Republican U.S. senators banding together in an effort to overturn the will of the people and cast away the presidential election of 2020. Never before in our nation’s history has this kind of an attempt ever taken place within our democratic process. Never before has the Electoral College process been so subjected to this kind of criticism. Never before has a coup d’état been attempted to overturn or disrupt our form of government better known as a democratic republic that has worked so very well for 240 years.

And now our system of governing ourselves has come under attack by some extreme Republican senators bent on one thing only – overturning a legal election by the people of our democratic republic and catering to a demagogue and rogue individual who cannot accept defeat imposed upon him by the citizen voters of the United States of America.