As low as $3 for 3 months
As low as $3 for 3 months

Who will help landlords left holding the bag?

The Examiner

Trig McCrea, Independence

To the editor:

I'm from Kansas City, Missouri and I'm also a landlord. Fortunately, I have all of my properties paid off free and clear. But, of course, I'm a minority. I pay my taxes. I pay my real estate taxes. I vote.

My concern is the tenants I have who decided not to pay because they didn't have to for months on end. They can claim this problem or that. But I'm a landlord who knows in detail their personal situations, lives, etc. I have some tenants who have decided not to pay. Other tenants have lost jobs and still pay their rent every month. Payments are not always on time or in full, but they continue to make their housing a priority.

However, a few have chosen to take advantage of the system, only because they knew they could get three quarters of a year or more free and clear. Yes, they will eventually be evicted, but by then, they will have cost the homeowners thousands and thousands of dollars. Plus, in my experience, the majority of people who are evicted decide to do tremendous damage to the property before leaving. They seem to believe it is their right.

As this and other articles dealing with landlord woes state, what about us? Who's going to pay our taxes? Who's going to pay our mortgage on the property that's not being paid on? Who's going to make our car payments? Pay our children's college tuition, etc?

The vast majority of landlords are like all other typical Americans. They live hand to mouth as well. You're kicking middle class and upper middle class Americans out of their homes because they now can't make their payments. The vast majority of middle-class Americans have house payments and car payments. They need to pay for groceries, pay for gasoline and every other need. By trying to help other people – and, of course, themselves – they put a mortgage on their house or on their future and purchased a piece of real estate that could be leased or rented out. And now, by putting a freeze on tenant evictions, you're going to evict the very people who do most of the working, voting and paying of taxes.