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Trump, Hawley must go, and America must be saved

The Examiner

Marvin Sands, Independence        

To the editor:

On Wednesday January 6, 2021, a “Day of Infamy” took place in our nation’s capital – Washington D.C. A day that most of us will remember for years to come and in wonderment – how could this have happened in this day and age? How could something this tragic, this damaging, this chaotic and this crazy ever happen to this level in our country? Who could ever think to rise to this awful level and bring chaos to our nation’s capital and inflict terrible physical damage to the interior and exterior of a building that represents a democratic republic that has been around for 240 years?

You have to ask yourself – what kind of a person would do this? What kind of people would do this? And for what? What did these renegades expect to achieve when all was said and done? And are they or someone else planning something else at some point in the future? Are our state capitals next? Or is something else next? Let’s hope not.

There is one thing we do know with absolute certainty – Donald Trump was at the center of this uprising urging a crowd of an estimated 10,000 people to literally attack our nation’s capital. They came from all over the country to attempt to usurp the power of our nation that lays within the Capitol Building – our Congress – the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Just minutes prior to this deadly scene, Donald Trump was busy prepping his followers with a slew of lies and exaggerations concerning the integrity of our presidential election of Nov. 3, 2020. Trump’s contention is that the election was a fraud and in several states some kind of election fraud took place. This despite the fact that several courts at various levels threw out lawsuits challenging the election results. Some of the judges who oversaw these lawsuits were appointed by Trump. But – no matter!!

Within all of this tragedy, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, we find, played an instrumental role in this referendum. He supported Trump at every level of this uprising even standing on the Capitol grounds with his left arm raised and his left hand in the form of a fist encouraging the antagonists ever forward. In addition he was at the center of a lawsuit in Pennsylvania questioning that state’s election returns suggesting that their voting procedures were illegal. And yes – the courts threw this one out as well. In fact, the courts threw out every challenge Trump, Hawley and others mounted to challenge the election results. Even the Supreme Court threw out a challenge to the election results – 9-0.

So, how do we finish? Donald Trump should immediately be Impeached and removed from the office of president of the United States of America and found guilty of insurrection and sedition. Josh Hawley should resign or be censured and removed by his colleagues as an accessory to insurrection and sedition. He is no longer a respected individual capable of continuing his service in the office he was elected to in 2018.

A sad chapter in American history occurred right before our very eyes. After all is said and done and all the perpetrators who were part of this disgusting experience are dealt with, let’s hope those in our Congress – senators and House of Representative members, have the courage and the will to put our country first and themselves last and recover what our democratic republic is truly all about and why we have it in the first place.