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America's future depends on heeding the lessons of history

The Examiner

Joe Weir, Independence

To the editor: 

We the people have a shared history. Even those new to our shores share in this. Our past is littered with events of shameful conduct and behavior. We all share in this past malfeasance, but this great experiment we call democracy must be respected and taught, especially in our schools.

Our forefathers laid out a plan. This is not perfect but in its unique way is the most beautiful experiment man has ever seen. The great sacrifices that the people of this country have endured are proof of this.

With the passing of time things change and we must accept this, but the tearing down of statues and denying facts of history drive a huge wedge between us. This history we share is what binds us and keeps us grounded in the belief we can always do better and must do better. The continual tearing down of each other by those who wish to change things can do nothing but hinder our ability to improve ourselves and our nation.

We must adapt to the changing times by what history has taught us. That is love, brotherhood, sisterhood and the just rule of law. Our leaders must not put themselves above others, and citizens must respect the opportunities that have been so hard fought for. Killing, lying, cheating, polluting, self-importance and disrespecting each other will destroy us, and history has taught us so.

Our future depends on these things and our leaders, teachers and citizens must learn this if our great experiment of 233 years is to continue.