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Hawley tried to deny others their votes

The Examiner

Martin Blyskal and Patricia Amberg-Blyskal, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

To the editor:

(A letter to the Missouri Division of Tourism.)

My husband and I look forward to traveling the country again this year, after vaccinations and the return of tourist sites and attractions. We had planned to visit your state as we believe there are wonderful places to see and much to learn about Missouri.

Unfortunately, due to the actions of your elected U.S. senator,  Josh Hawley, we have determined we will change our plans. Although all Americans have the right to vote for the elected official they believe best represents their interests, your senator chose to disregard our votes. As residents of Pennsylvania, we were disheartened to see your senator attempt to invalidate our choice and our votes for President Biden and Vice President Harris.

We do not have any leverage over Senator Hawley, but the residents of Missouri have much power. If they chose to tell Mr. Hawley that his actions were unacceptable, we believe he would at minimum apologize for his actions, and at best resign from the U.S. senate.

At the moment, we are using our voices to recommend to family and friends to boycott Missouri until Senator Hawley is held accountable. We intend to do the same for Texas, as Senator Cruz is also a chief architect of the disgraceful event of Jan. 6, 2021. The Senate, the “cooler head," failed due to Senators Cruz and Hawley.

We recognize not all Missourians voted for Senator Hawley, but only the people of Missouri can rectify this stain on our democracy. We hope they take the necessary steps to hold him accountable.

We would add that many may not agree with our choices for public policies, such as support for state and local government, a vigorous approach to climate change, a reckoning of our racial distrust, etc. But several Republicans such as Senator Romney, disagree with President Biden’s policies yet had the courage to tell the truth. The election was free and fair, and more people voted for President Biden than the other candidate. We will share our letter with your local newspapers and hope that Missouri finds a way to hold Senator Hawley accountable.